Android vs iOS in 2015
Saturday, December 5, 2015 at 3:56PM
Guy Techie

So much as happened in the past year!  Marshmallow is out, but doesn't offer much difference with Lollipop.  However, battery life is improved by a lot!  When Project Volta was told it will help with battery life, I didn't see the effects.  But Doze in Marshmallow made a HUGE difference on the same phone!  I was seeing an extra 10-20 percent more battery life at the end of the day!

So yeah...I guess that probably clued you in that I did not switch to an iPhone after all.  In my last piece, I said I might, but I'm glad I stayed.  I am now on a Nexus 6P, and my biggest gripes with Android are wiped.

First, Android Pay with Nexus Imprint (fingerprint scanner) is so much easier than the old Google Wallet.  No longer do you need several steps to pay.  It's as quick as Apple Pay now.  In fact, faster!  The Nexus 6P NFC antenna is on the top, like the iPhone's so it's a more natural way to pay vs using the entire back of the phone.

Steps for Android Pay (with Nexus Imprint):

1. I put my finger on the sensor, the phone turns on and unlocks.
2. With my finger still there, touch the sensor, and you're done!

With the iPhone, you still need a small step (while I admit is not a big deal), which is to push the home button to turn on the phone.

Then there's the camera.  The Nexus 6P and 5X comes with excellent cameras, and the software algorithims are now producing great results!  Videos look great as well, and can now capture in 4K.  However, without OIS (no software OIS either, as far as I know), videos tend to look shakier than the iPhone.

Google Hangouts/Google Voice is still problematic sometimes.  Inconsistencies such as sending a SMS with your cell number instead of the Google Voice number when sending from the Contacts app, but sending a SMS from Hangouts itself uses the Google Voice number.  This is happening even after making sure the setting is correct (I told Hangouts to use only my Google Voice number for all new SMS messages).

Also group texting didn't work until now.  Well, partially.  You still can't create new group texts, but if someone sends you one, you're good.  Before when someone sends you a group text, on your end, it looks like a standard 1-on-1 text.  Until someone else responds in the group (then it looks like a 1-on-1 with THAT person!).

I use my Google Voice and Hangouts for the convience of being able to access texting and phone calls from almost any devices.  For the most part it works great!  Until someone calls me on my actual cell number and I hear my phone in the other room while I'm on my computer.  I then start cursing while I try to make my way to the phone when I could have just answered it on my computer!  I could've even answer on my iPad!

So not all is perfect in Android-land, but the gap is so much smaller than it was a year ago.  Apple still hasn't overhauled their home screen, and the ability to share between apps still isn't as good as Android.  And I still can't stand the way Apple handles notifications like Android does.

Taking everything into consideration, I think I made a good choice for myself.

Did anyone struggle with this?  And what did you end up choosing?  And why?

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