Small Rant, New Stores, and Funny Photos
Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 11:07AM
Guy Techie

Sorry for not updating my blog in so long. Been busy in my day job, but I have been following up with tech news.  I don't have that much time to read, but thanks to podcasts, I can keep up in my commute.  XBOX One, Playstation 4, Intel 4th Gen Core CPUs (Haswell), Galaxy S4/HTC One Google Editions, Glass, etc.  My YouTube channel has suffered as well.  Sorry.

I do have something to say about these rash of Google Edition phones:  It's about time!  There are lots of people who don't get it: "why do I give up all those features on Sense/Touchwiz?"  To those people: "they are not for you".  I personally love AOSP.  I specifically love CyanogenMod which takes Google's stock AOSP build and add features that does not mess with Google's original design and feel for Android (yay, Holo!).  Ever since the orignal Nexus (HTC Nexus One), there wasn't a Nexus that had high end hardware.  The Nexus 4 came close, but within 6 months, the Snapdragon Pro was replaced by the Snapdragon 600/800 series.  What's worse is that you only get a max 16 GB of storage without any way to expand it (Google is getting away from the micro SD).

For those who want a Nexus with the latest hardware, Samsung and HTC is now doing it with their flagship devices.  I bet Google had something to do it.  However it came to be, I am happy they exist.  Still, I have a few nit picks.  Of course I do.  I'm a blogger.

First, there's only one storage option (HTC One - 32 GB, Samsung Galaxy S4 - 16 GB).  If both came with 64 GB, I would go for the HTC One since it has better materials.  But now I'm leaning towards the S4 due to the micro SD.  I could also buy a carrier S4 or One and eventually flash it with the same ROM as the Google Edition's once it's leaked, but that doesn't go with the mantra "vote with your wallet".  The companies will think there's no interest in the Google Edition phones when in reality it's the hardware (and some say the price) is holding them back.

My suggestion?  Do what Sony is doing.  Sony is releasing the stock AOSP Google Android ROM and source code for their phones.  The phones still come with their custom flavor of Android out of the box, but they let you install the stock Android ROM if you choose.  This means I could buy the version of the phone I want (carrier, storage, etc) and turn it into a Google Edition myself.

End rant.

On another note, while I was very busy, I did get to leave work and my house long enough to see a few things I'd like to share.  First, there is a new Microsoft Store coming in to the Shaumburg, IL Woodfield Mall.



And then there's a new Samsung Experience section coming to most Best Buy stores.  I took this photo at a Best Buy also at Shaumburg.


And lastly for this post, some funny phots.

The first is what I'd consider the free bumper case Apple is sending to iPhone 4 customers.


And here's an interesting way to keep the floor and table clear of those annoying power bricks on an otherwise clean and wireless all-in-one desktop PC.  I like to call this The Nutsack.


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