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AT&T Warns Data Usage Below 2 GB












This is what we were up in arms about when AT&T said they will be warning, then throttling the "top 5%" of high data users.  It's a floating number, not a hard one.  AT&T can claim that most people in your area are only using, oh lets say 1GB of data.  It's a flawed curve.

It just happened to me.  I got a text warning me that I am one of the top 5% of data users.  I checked the myAT&T app, and even online, and it says I used 1.5 GB of Unlimited.  So why did I get warned?

I pay $30 a month for the unlimited plan I was grandfathered in since I bought the iPhone 3GS on launch day.  I even "re-upped" by contract when I heard I can keep the same plan when I bought the iPhone 4 on launch day.  And now they are changing the terms?

That's not the only issue I have.  The other is that I'm paying $30 a month and getting warned at usage that is 500 MB below what a 2 GB capped plan costs ($25 a month).  Why?  That doesn't make any sense!

I called their customer service rep, and while she was friendly, all she can do is appologize and informed me it was a flawed system.  She said it was set at corporate, and she cannot do anything about it.  I understand the situation, and appearently, I wasn't the only person who called.  As she put it, she "tries to be honest and notblow smoke".  I guess you can get some honest reaction when you're super nice to them.  However, it didn't solve my issue.

I always figured a reasonable self-imposed cap would be 5 GB, which was the unspoken limit when AT&T didn't have any asterisks on their "Unlimited" data plan.  Even so, I try to keep around 3-4 GB of use, which is what I expect paying the extra $5 a month should afford me.

Anyone else getting warned below or at the 2 GB mark?  Hit me back here in the comments section.

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