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Samsung Galaxy S II - Things I'd Like to Change.

After using the Samsung Galaxy S II for a month, I have to say I absolutely love it!  The TouchWiz 4 UI is also winning me over.  The darn thing is fast and light, but I found a few things I'd like Samsung to address.


  • Notification of battery fully charged.  Why do we need this?  It would wake me up in the middle of the night to let me know it's done charging!  No other phone does this.


  • Camera noises can't be turned off.  When you touch the screen to focus, when you take a photo, and when you start a video, it makes a noise.  Even if you put the phone to no sound!


  • No green icons in notification bar.  In stock Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), the WIFI and/or 3G signal bars would turn green when it is able to sync to Google.  It's actually pretty useful in finding out if you're actually connected and syncing.


  • Sleep/Wake button in the wrong place!  I used to think it was a good idea to put it on the right side, but I found myself accidentally hitting the button when I use the volume rocker on the other side.  Or vice versa (hitting the volume rocker when trying to use the sleep/wake button).

I haven't found anything else wrong, actually.  If Samsung would address these issues in the next update (or with the hardware button placement in the next Galaxy S phone), it would make their Galaxy S line of phones perfect in my eyes.

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