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Hits Home: Watch Out for eBay Scammers!

It's no surprise. eBay has a lot of fake bidders and scammers. It can be a headache for both sellers and bidders, but it's still the most popular way to unload things or to buy obscure items.

As you know, I was unloading a lot of tech and gadgets I've accumulated since forever. I also decided to see how much the iPad 2 I got on Day 1 would fetch. The winning bid was from a new member with 0 feedback and in the UK. I didn't hear from him, so I decided to keep it.

The real problem is waiting for eBay to refund my Final Value Fee, which was a hefty $50. I still haven't received the refund yet, and I also wouldn't be receiving the fees for listing the iPad 2 in the first place.

I just checked my email today and guess what eBay sent me.

This guy was bidding on other people's items (probably iPad 2s) and sent spoofed emails that looked like they came from eBay and PayPal notifying the seller that he or she payed! I didn't get such an email, nor were they in my Junk folder. Even if I did, I'd always log into my PayPal account to verify and move the funds to my bank first.

This wasn't the only time I got screwed. One other time, I purchase a hard drive from someone selling multiple ones via Buy It Now. The seller had a high feedback, so I didn't think much of it. When it never arrived, I notified eBay. A few weeks later, the bad feedback from other winners started rolling in, mine included. Months later, they were caught by the local authorities, but none of us ever saw our money again.

If you're going to eBay, watch yourselves! I've been burnt once, and this round was a close call!

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