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Android + Amazon = Win!

Remember when I wrote Palm and Amazon would go great together? Well, it looks like Amazon decided to date Android instead. The pair goes great, and Palm could have capitalized on this if they would have reached out to Amazon.

It's still early, but the Amazon App Store is already much better than Google's own Android Market. It's just cleaner and more elegant. They feature apps that are polished. And right now, they are giving away a paid app a day! If you like the way Amazon does their customer reviews, then you'll love it here, too. It looks exactly the same, the App Store has a sense of familiarity.

Let's not forget Amazon's Cloud Player! I believe this is going to really help their MP3 sales. The idea of being able to download music to your Android phone is already sweet enough, but to have access to your music without downloading means you can have more music than what your device can store!

Google is currently working on some kind of streaming music service according to a leaked stock Android Music app, which might disrupt Amazon's high. But if Google executes the service in their typical Google way, Amazon has nothing to worry about. I mean, look at the Android Market! Google had it since the beginning, and yet, it's still not a very polished experience.

Google, let Amazon have at it. They are better at e-commerce than you are.


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