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Apple iPad 2 Launch Day - March 11, 2011

It's amazing how much buzz Apple can garner with their sequels. In all honesty, my mom probably won't notice any difference between her first iPad and the iPad 2 except for maybe the weight. Although she uses Skype, it's not that often, so the cameras may not even be the reason for the upgrade. Would mom notice the performance increase?

I'm not sure if I will be buying one, but since I am leaving work early, I will be snapping some photos of the 5pm launch at the Woodfield Apple Store.

Stay tuned!




12:00pm - Best Buy - Addison, IL
No lines or camp outs.




12:10pm - Walmart - Addison, IL
Nothing to see here, either. I was told they won't be carrying the iPad 2. Some will, dome won't, and the one here don't. Interestingly enough, they got the gray Smart Cover and HDMI adapter.


Walmart has the plastic gray Smart Cover for $39.99...


...and the HDMI adapter.  No price tag, but I was assured it was also $39.99.




3:02pm - Woodfield Mall Apple Store - Schaumburg, IL
There is a long line already! I was also turned away when I tried to get in to check out their other products. That's right, folks. They are closed until 5pm.


And more people...




3:31pm - Woodfield Mall Best Buy Mobile - Schaumburg, IL
Just this one guy. Nice guy, too.


In case you missed the sign.  We kept getting asked if this was the line for the iPad 2.




4:00pm - Woodfield Mall Best Buy Mobile - Schaumburg, IL
Now there are 6 guys here, now The one who came with a girl must have left him. We were told they only have the black 16GB WIFI-only iPad 2.





5:10pm - Woodfield Mall parking lot
I finally got one! They only had 5 in stock! The only accessory they have was a black leather Smart Cover for $70. No thanks.

The box is slimmer than the original iPad.  I'll be doing an unboxing video, and then an iPad and iPad 2 comparison.

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