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Download Adobe Flash and Reader Standalone Installers

Are you sick of having to install Adobe's DLM (Download Manager) just to install their free viewers?  Why do we need a download manager for small applets and plugins?  Worse yet, if you are behind a firewall or proxy, you the Adobe DLM may not even download the actual installation files you need!

Here are direct links to the full standalone installation files for Adobe Flash and Reader.


Adobe Flash Player

Link seems to point to latest version no matter the updates.  Currently at version 11 as of this writing.

Adobe Reader

Link is hard-coded to link to newest version as of this writing (Adobe Reader X v10.1.1).

Here is Adobe's FTP folder that contains ALL versions of Adobe Reader for all platforms.  Just navigate to the version you want to download.


Hope this is helpful to someone out there.


UPDATE 3/9/2012:

Adobe has a page that's specifically for distributing Adobe Flash.  They are standalone installers, as well as MSI packages for those who would like to deploy Flash in their organization via SCCM or WSUS.



If you would like an MSI file for Adobe Reader, you can follow this blog by MooreMN to extract the MSI package from the EXE installer.



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