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Smartphone-less: Day 22

After this long, I found myself missing the IM-like SMS of the iPhone, the ability to check the web on a whim, and to keep up with my Facebook.  The method I have for listening to podcasts isn't work out very well for me.  It's too much work to keep myself updated on new podcasts that I started listening to music again.

In fact, I found myself enjoying myself more in the car with music than with vocal words spoken.  The only podcasts I downloaded and listened to were the ones pertaining to the EVO 4G and iPhone 4.

The battery life of Samsung lasts forever!  It look about 7 days before it required the charger.

This concludes my smartphone-less experiment.  I've gone back to my old iPhone to check out the new iOS4.  I've also checked out the Palm Pre Plus on AT&T as well as the new EVO 4G on Sprint.  I'm looking forward to checking out the new iPhone 4.

In fact, I might just moving on to a Nexus One on T-Mobile because of the cheaper $59.99/mo unsubsidized plan.  I'll need to try it out sometimes before I jump, but I do hope for a new Google Experience phone.

I'll have to write about the iPhone OS (now iOS), Android, and WebOS one of these days.

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