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Smartphone-less: Day 2

As I suspected, I am having a hard time keeping track of the podcasts I've played using a file-based MP3 player.  I also forgot how long it takes for the iRiver H320 to boot up before it can start playing.  I still love it as a music player, but it just wasn't meant for podcasts.

On the phone side, I forgot the torture before syncing to the cloud.  On all of my previous phones, I was able to sync to my work's Exchange server (and now, Google's ActiveSync server that acts like Exchange) to bring all of my contacts in.  Even the Centro allowed this.  Previous PalmOS phones required me to export my contacts to a file, then import it into Palm Desktop before I can sync them in.

However, there is no real way for me to automate importing of contacts to the Samsung A177.  Instead, I've just been adding people back in as they call, or as I need to call them.  The contact list will be much smaller this time around, but they will be filled with people I'd actually call.

To my surprise, I found that my phone actually has an alarm feature that allows for you to set a time to certain day or days, much like my previous smartphones.  I was able to set the alarm I use to wake up for work from Monday to Friday, leaving the weekends alarm-free.

There is also a calendar application, but I don't think I'll be using it much.  While it's not as slick as the PalmOS's or the iPhoneOS's, it's still surprisingly easy to input appointments.  I was also shocked to see Guitar Hero III as a game you can play!  It's only a demo, and the one song that's included I've never heard of.

So, what about texting?  Well, I didn't get a texting fit today, so I can't really tell you if I will miss iPhone's threaded SMS app.  There is a web browser, and before I called AT&T to turn off my data plan, I was able to determine that I wouldn't want to use it as much as I would on the iPhone.

Being a feature phone, they battery still has all its bars after a full day.  Granted most of the time, the phone was idle.  After all, if all you do is text and talk, there's no real reason for me to whip it out to check my email, Facebook, or read the news anymore.  Perhaps the long battery life is also attributed by the fact that I rarely take it out!

I'm not going to keep updating my blog day-to-day about how I'm doing.  I just figured an early impression may be in order.  Right now, I think I'll be okay.

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