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Palm + Amazon = Win!

It wasn't a surprise to me when Apple "broke" (or "fixed") the ability for the Palm Pre to sync to their iTunes software on their newest update.  After all, Palm did not ask Apple for permission to add that feature, nor did they license it.  But what's interesting is, why haven't Palm created their own syncing software themselves?  Or reposition the Pre as a smartphone that doesn't need a computer?

Considering that Palm choose Amazon for DRM-free MP3 music as their music store on the phone, I'm surprised they would want to sycn to iTunes, where people would buy DRM-free songs there.   Which bed is Palm sleeping  in?  Apparently, there is no exclusivity deal between Palm and Amazon, or Amazon would have raised bloody hell with Palm for even syncing with iTunes.

Palm should have made their own sync app if they really wanted that route, or just leave out iTunes syncing all together and tout the pre as a device that truely doesn't need a computer.  After all, it already syncs your contacts and calendar in Palm Profile (even though I'd rather sync to Google - they're pretty comprehensive now).  And if you want to buy music, you can do so on Sprint's hi-speed EVDO or WiFi. The Pre multitasks, so you can download and do other things.

It'd be nice if Palm created a sync app for those who WANT one (to download for free) that buys and sync music and podcasts from Amazon, and maybe even keep a local backup of their contacts, calendar, notes, downloaded/purchased apps, etc.  They could partner up with Amazon to also provide the App Catalog and (gasp) Kindle ebooks!  Not only that, but provide a bit of cloud storage via Amazon's S3 service.  In short, Palm + Amazon = Win!

That would REALLY make the Pre desirable and competitive. Damn, I just realized if Palm really did all those things, I probably would have had an easier time with the idea of ditching the iPhone and AT&T totally!  Sprint's network is more robust than AT&T (at least in the Chicagoland area), and is much faster when it comes to data.  They also have a cheaper plan to boot!

Are you reading this, Palm?


Update (4/8/2011):  Well, since Palm hasn't done it, Android might get a chance, whether they like it or not.  Amazon has an App Store on Android!

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Oh my, is Palm going to play http://revolver360.wordpress.com/2009/07/23/pre-webos-1-1-fixes-itunes/" rel="nofollow">cat and mouse?

July 24, 2009 | Unregistered Commenternad0139b

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