Sprint, Palm Pre, and their Plans
Monday, June 8, 2009 at 10:32AM
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Have you heard?  Sprint requires you to have an "Everything" plan if you wish to purchase the new Palm Pre!  They tried this on the Instinct (not that it matters, since no one cared about that phone), but now things are getting heated.

While I understand that Sprint cannot afford to continue with the SERO plan (I have a 500 minute plan for $30 - after taxes and insurance, I pay just under $50 a month), charging the same as AT&T does for their iPhone plans is insane. There are people just like me who are comparing the iPhone with the Palm Pre. The iPhone is a familar experience and a very enjoyable one. I own a iPod Touch, and my brother has an iPhone. I have purchased apps, so another reason to stay in the Apple camp.

What is compelling me to stay with Sprint if I cannot stay in the SERO plan? If I am going to pay a minimum of $70 a month (about $90/mo after taxes and insurance), why not pay AT&T that and get a real deal instead of a "wannabe"?

Now, before the iPhone haters flame me, keep in mind I am a huge PalmOS fan. I am really rooting for the WebOS. I still want to have a Palm Pre "to be different" (all my friends have iPhones...so I'm already all iPhoned out, but I do love my iPod Touch). However, I was going to purchase the Palm Pre at cost as long as I can keep the SERO plan. Why shouldn't I be able to? I'm paying full price for the phone without Sprint subsidizing it.

For those who are saying it is to adjust for inflation, that's is incorrect. Inflation is only about 4% a year. This is just an arbitrary restriction to make more money. I have no qualms about Sprint making more money, but at least make the pricing fair.

I'd pay $50-60/mo for a 450 minute plan with "everything". It's lower than AT&T's asking price. But if it's the same price, then why go with an Pre when you can get the real deal (iPhone)?  Or let us customize our plan like we used to.  What if we don't want unlimited text?  Maybe 200 is enough for me.  What about NASCAR and Sprint TV?  I don't need them!  I'm currently paying about $50/mo with taxes and insurance.  I don't mind paying $10-20 more for what I have now (which have 50 more minutes than their lowest "Everything" plan) - just no Sprint TV or NASCAR, and also includes insurance.  It's still lower than AT&T, but significantly more than my current SERO plan - then perhaps I may go for the Palm Pre.

I've been sticking around with my HTC Touch Pro for the Pre. It's unreliable and slow. The Centro was a great phone, but the browser is it's biggest flaw.

I only see a few options:

1) Stay with SERO, re-purchase the Centro.

2) Stay with SERO, stay with HTC Touch Pro.

3) Go with AT&T, pay same price, get iPhone 3.0 cheaper than Palm Pre (new customer = discounted phone - I still have 3 months before the next $75 discount for the Pre, so no go on that).

Cost-wise, it's more realistic for 1 or 2. 3 is more of a reblious choice. That's right, Sprint can go "boo hoo" all they want. I'm but a single customer. Or am I?

I have a feeling that SERO customers are thinking the exact same thing. So Sprint isn't really forcing SERO customers to a more expensive plan. They are forcing them to another carrier. Another carrier that costs the same with an arguably a better phone (a phone that isn't version 1.0).

I may go back to a Palm WebOS device when the bugs are fixed, but by then, it will be available to all other carriers, including AT&T.

My question is, is there hope for the future? Will people who will keep trucking on SERO be rewarded with a WebOS device when it isn't the hottest thing anymore?
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