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Fresh Coat of Paint

I know Windows 7 beta build 7068 is basically the same as the public beta build 7000, but small cosmetic changes seem to make everything feel different and new again.  I'm sure many of you already tried out the public beta, since it was easy to get.  For those of you who knows how to torrent, you may also have the newest leaked build of Windows 7.

I think we're all susceptible to this, which is probably why I am so interested in playing with different OSes, no matter how unpopular they are.  Remember GeoWorks and BeOS?  I was also very interested in the early builds of Chicago, which was the codename for Windows 95.  Yeah, I know... I'm a geek.  I have no idea why I'm drawn by weird stuff like this where others just don't care!

I also think this is where a customizable GUIs on OSes gain traction.  Linux's GUI always look different depending on who took the screenshot, which draws a lot of attention from me.  Then there are programs such as WindowBlinds.

On the surface, there are simple changes that people do to make Windows feel different - such as changing the font, wallpaper, and colors of the Windows dialog boxes.  Somehow, I feel some of those changes on top of the classic Windows make it look dated.  This is especailly true when I saw a user who had the dark green Windows with a typewriter-like font for menus.  I thought it was Windows 95!  Turns out it was Windows XP.  He probably had Windows 95 or 98 at home that's customized the same way.

Going from Windows 95 to 98, then to Me and 2000 felt different, even  though the GUI is basically the same.  The different icons, shadows, and other minor changes gives a subtle tug on our emotions.  This is probably why Windows XP and Vista was a huge deal to the mainstream users.  A small refresh with Windows 7 is just going to add to the ohhhs and ahhhs.

Windows is Windows no matter how you cuztomize it, but it always feel different.  I guess asthetics really do play into how we feel about OSes.  Coming back to the Windows 7 beta, there really isn't much difference between 7000 and 7068 as far as the GUI goes , but when I first installed 7068, it looked and felt different somehow, until I realize it was the background picture that Microsoft used.

Isn't that funny?

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Fresh Coat of Paint .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

January 10, 2010 | Unregistered Commentertechwoo


March 4, 2010 | Unregistered Commenternad0139b

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