Hello world!
Monday, January 12, 2009 at 10:54PM
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Ah yes... Hello world!  Guy Techie is my new (and first) blog!  Yes, I left the default title for my first post.  It's not laziness (it's easy to change, really), but it does quickly sums up my first entry to my first blogging experience.

Now, don't worry - I've written on the "net" before.  I've been writing product reviews at ePinions since 2001.  I kicked the tires a bit (check out some of my first reviews), and eventually I took it a bit more seriously.

What is ePinions? Well, it's a site where users of products are encouraged to write about their experiences with the products they've used.  Most consumer products are available to write about.  Of course, I decided to focus my reviews on products of my own interests - gadgets, computers, and cars.

Since ePinions is a place to write user reviews, there wasn't any place for me to write about tech news and trends.  Thus, I decided to start a blog!

I heard about them, but never really thought about starting on before.  It was when I found myself more vocal (in the Internet sense) on forums that I decided to start a blog instead.

Of course, these are my views and thoughts, but I do welcome everyone to join in and discuss.  Perhaps I made a mistake or overlooked some facts.  Please join in and let me know!

Oh, and no... this is not part of my New Years resolution.  Actually, I never thought about it until now.  I guess starting a blog WOULD make a good New Year resolution...

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